Unfortunately, email is not secure. Before reaching the intended recipient, email travels across a variety of public servers and can be intercepted at any point. As a result, the protected health information (PHI) exchanged in email messages and attachments are at risk.

Even one breach is a violation of the Security and Privacy requirements within the HITECH Act. HITECH has set the standard that PHI should be rendered "unusable, unreadable, or indecipherable to unauthorized users."

To meet compliance, secure patient privacy and protect your practice from an email breach, ZixCorp has developed HealthyEmail, a physician outreach program that offers the leading email encryption service to all U.S. physicians and their office staff. Our goal in providing HealthyEmail is to educate the physician community about the risks of insecure email and enable the use of a convenient solution - email encryption.

Email encryption secures patient privacy in email and protects your practice from the loss of reputation with patients and partners in the event your email is breached. By registering with the HealthyEmail program, physicians and office staff receive a free, two-year subscription for ZixMail®, a desktop email encryption solution that secures email with a single click. ZixMail can be downloaded and installed in minutes, and it integrates with all corporate email systems and Web-based email.

If you are a physician or affiliated with a physician's office, click "Continue" below to register today and begin to experience the convenience of secure email.

To learn more about ZixCorp and our industry-leading email encryption services, visit www.zixcorp.com.